Alternative EMV PCI integration certification solution for your business

Full EMV integration certification can be very time consuming and costly in the event that you are considering upgrading your payment processing system for the October 1st liability shift deadline.

There is an alternative solution however and if you are looking for a quick solution that meets integration certification standards, Kubera Payments has you covered. We’re able to leverage our relationship with VeriFone to implement their new POS middleware that meets EMV integration certification standards quickly and affordably.


Similar to a fully integrated certified EMV solution, this interface, allows your terminals to process payments without transferring sensitive cardholder data to your point of sale system. This alternative to EMV integration certification is also PCI compliant, cost effective and offers benefits. Here are the highlights:


In many cases with this application, you can leverage your existing point of sale solution. With nominal work and time requirements, we are able to provide the latest complaint technology for a fraction of the cost of an integrated certified payment application in about one business day.

This solution is remotely updated by your payment provider when available, leaving you more time to focus on your business.

Safe and secure

Our integration certification solution makes PCI auditing easier and simpler by removing your customers’ sensitive credit and debit card data from your network. Instead, customer information and PCI requirements are offloaded onto your merchant services provider’s network. This solution has PCI Compliance built-in standards making it a certified safe solution that isn’t as tedious as a full EMV integration certification.

Save money

Implementing our solution into your point of sale can save you money. The cost of securing your network for PCI compliance can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. This solution also shifts liability for credit card fraud onto the payment processor helping mitigate your PCI compliance costs.


Another benefit to using this solution instead of an EMV integration certification is our solution is faster than regular systems at processing transactions – often two times faster. It operates independently of your computer and can switch over from the Internet to telephone lines. This is a powerful benefit as you will still be able to accept payments in the event that your point of sale system fails.

We are committed to helping your business process payments in the most cost effective, safe and convenient fashion. If you have questions about EMV certification integration and how to get started with EMV, contact us today.






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