Top 5 Mobile Payment Apps Of 2020

Mobile payments have been on the upwards trend over the past few years but have become significantly more important today during the global pandemic. With mobile payments, you avoid worrying about how sanitary the cash is in the register, and it’s more convenient to pay using only your smartphone. In addition to the convenience of […]

7 advantages of digital payments during COVID

The trend away from cash is nothing new and with consumers concerned about the health risks associated with handling cash, it’s no surprise that contactless and digital payment adoption is accelerating. According to a recent survey by the Electronic Transactions Association, 27% of small businesses in the United States have already seen a surge in […]

Apple makes moves in the payment industry with Mobeewave acquisition

  Mobeewave Inc. a Canadian-based startup has been recently acquired by Apple. According to Bloomberg, the California tech-giant paid roughly $100 million USD for the company. What does Mobeewave do? Mobeewave developed technology that allows merchants to use their iPhones as mobile payment terminals. The technology allows you to accept card payments via tap using […]

7.5 Million Users Exposed By Dave Banking Security Breach

Dave, the personal finance app and challenger bank, announced a security breach this Saturday.  Dave is a unicorn tech company leading as a US challenger bank that offers free overdraft cash, budgeting, credit building and more.  Approximately 7.5 million Dave users had their information exposed on a hacker forum including; user passwords, names, emails, birthdates, […]

New Pandemic Scams On The Rise

The WHO was one of the first major organizations to warn about the increase of cyberattacks and online scams happening over the past few months. In late April WHO reported a fivefold increase in cyber attacks stating that some 450 active WHO email addresses and passwords were leaked online. Scammers have also been impersonating WHO […]

How Coding Bootcamps Are Transforming Education

Technology is quickly transforming every sector and education is no exception. From online curricula at every stage of learning that accelerates the pace that students can complete their education or virtual classrooms and learning software, technology is aiming to dramatically change how people learn. Perhaps nowhere is this trend more pronounced than in the coding […]

How to defend yourself against VTC hijacking and being Zoom-bombed. FBI Warns

Reports of VTC hijacking also called Zoombombing are emerging with the recent influx of video-teleconferecing (VTC) as a primary form of communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. The FBI has received several reports including video conferences being interrupted by hate-speech/images, threats and or pornographic messages. Lately Zoom has seen a record number of user traffic and […]

Amazon envisions the next level in biometric payments: Waving with your hand

Last week, Amazon made plans to introduce terminals that will allow consumers to make payments by waving the palms of their hands. These terminals would be placed in brick in brick and mortar shops and would be enabled to link consumers’ credit card information to their hands. Rather than having to pay with their wallet, […]

Three common cyber security threats and what to do about them

  Technology has changed significantly over the years making everyone’s lives easier. Daily life is now more convenient and in many ways more enjoyable. Never before has communication been so simple. Travel has also improved, making it easier to discover new places, and more difficult to get lost. Education has also changed, we’re learning faster […]

What Businesses And Consumers Should Know About The Capital One Breach

Yesterday, a week after Equifax reached a whopping $650 million dollar settlement from their 2017 breach, Capital One disclosed in a press release that it suffered a massive data breach exposing the personal information of about 100 million Americans and 6 million Canadians. Again, another huge enterprise has fallen victim to one of the worst […]