Hotel Chain, Hyatt gets its payment system hacked

Hyatt Hotels, the chain that owns over 600 properties around the world recently found malware on their payment processing systems. They are the latest hotel chain to be breached in the past few months. Last month both Starwood and rival hotel chain the Hilton announced having their data hacked. A month before, the Trump Hotel […]

Choosing the right receivables solution

Having the right process and efficiencies for executing your company’s invoicing and payments is integral to its financial wellbeing. Discrepancies, delays and all things associated with human error can leave your company with greater sales outstanding, unnecessary overhead costs, and potentially customer discontent. In the infographic (PDF) below, Bluehill research walks us through how VersaPay […]

Moving towards a tech future in Canada with mobile payments: iOS 9 and Android pay

 9to5Mac reports that there will be several improvements to Apple iOS 9 including features that will help close the gap between the banks and Apple Pay.The first improvement mentioned is Force Touch. A capability that is available on the new MacBook and Retina MacBook Pros, allows Apple users extra functionality when they apply pressure to […]

Mobile, Credit & Debit and other payments outstrips the use of cash in the UK

For the first time in modern society, the use of cashless payments has surpassed the use of cash by consumers, businesses and financial institutions. The Payments Council, an organization of financial institutions in the UK that oversees all payment mechanisms, reported the use of cash fell to 48% last year. This left 52% to all […]

Why would Apple Pay benefit my business?

Since its launch in late September of last year, Apple has sold over 130 million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, boosting the company’s revenue to over $130 billion (Q1 & Q2) by the end of Q2 2015. The extremely high Apple device count in use combined with the launch of Apple Pay in the US, and […]

Canada’s big six banks are negotiating for November Apple Pay launch

  Canada’s big six banks are negotiating with Apple and according to the Wall Street Journal, Apple Pay is expected come to Canada in November. For those who aren’t familiar, Canada’s big six consist of the Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank, Bank of Montreal, National Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce […]

Why switching to EMV Chip & PIN is so important

From a merchant perspective, there is a myth that switching over to EMV Chip and PIN is more expensive than swipe and sign.In some cases, if you own terminals that facilitate EMV, software needs to be bought to manage the PIN, but it’s not really more expensive in the long term.If you are renting your […]

Target will pay data breach victims $10 million

Thursday March 19th, a federal judge gave approval for a 10 million dollar settlement for the customers who were affected by Target’s data breach in 2013. “We are pleased to see the process moving forward and look forward to its resolution,” said Molly Snyder, Target spokesperson reported to CBS News on Wednesday. Target has agreed […]

Grow your sales with Gift Cards

No matter what business type of retail business you have, it’s a great idea to consider having a gift card program – both egift cards and plastic gift cards. With a wide range of solutions available, gift cards are a powerful way for businesses to grow their sales. In 2014, $124 billion will be loaded on […]

Growing your business with loyalty programs

If you haven’t considered using a loyalty card platform already, there are plenty of good reasons to get started. Loyalty programs offer your customers a wide range of benefits while simultaneously allowing you to build a closer connection with your customers. Over time, your customers will appreciate the rewards they receive from your loyalty program. As they […]