5 Ways to Make Payment Processing Painless for your Customers

Whether your business is brick and mortar or hosted online, the checkout experience you deliver to customers is an essential piece of the puzzle that invariably impacts sales and customer retention. A tremendous example of a pioneer in this right is Amazon and their patented “1-Click” feature to which they held exclusive rights for 18-years […]

What You Need to Know About Payment Processing for Your Business

As a small to medium sized business owner, there are a myriad of problems at the micro level that are constantly grasping for your attention. Depending on your background and experience, the odds you are well versed in every facet of what your business requires to thrive probably isn’t great – and that’s okay. Here […]

5 Payment Trends that are Transforming Commerce in the World

  As business and technology continue to collide and amplify one another, is it imperative that business owners are tuned into the rapidly evolving commerce landscape. These five trends are just a few of the proven innovations that will continue to dominate and dictate the direction of the commerce space for years to come.    […]