Choosing an Online Payment Gateway for your Ecommerce Webstore

What is an online payment gateway?

Payment gateways allow ecommerce merchants to quickly process payments online.

  • The customer chooses what to purchase from your webstore
  • Adds items to the online shopping cart where taxes and shipping costs are totaled
  • The customer’s billing and shipping information is collected
  • The payment gateway securely connects your online shopping cart to the payment processor to accept payment cards
  • The transaction is authorized and accepted or declined
  • Funds are transferred from the customer to the merchant’s bank account
  • How do I choose the right payment gateway?

    When choosing an internet payment gateway, keep in mind:

  • Key Features. Different payment gateways provide different features. Evaluate what processor fits the needs of your webstore. Kubera offers several gateway solutions with features to most efficiently meet the needs of your ecommerce site.
  • Compatibility. Will your online payment gateway be compatible with your webstore’s existing shopping cart? Kubera offers solutions that are work with most online shopping cart solutions.
  • Reliability. Merchants who choose a reliable gateway provider give customers a hassle-free online shopping experience. This increases your chance of satisfied return customers. Also, increase possible sales by offering a 24/7 payment option that can process multiple transactions at once.
  • Cost. Set-up costs differ between payment processor providers so take note of the costs associated with implementation, monthly service payments, and transaction fees.
  • Ease of Use. Make sure that the provider you choose has a simple, straightforward, interface and updates technology. Also, it may cost your ecommerce business more if your current provider’s gateway is not compatible your existing shopping cart system.
  • Security. Make sure that your provider offers a high level of security. Look for a payment gateway that encrypts personal information and complies with PCI DSS standards.
  • Location. If you are a Canadian merchant, it is beneficial to choose a Canadian payment gateway solution for your ecommerce site. While ecommerce businesses operate online, there are advantages to working with a payment gateway provider who knows and understands your area.
  • What is a hosted checkout page?

    Another simple option is to use a Hosted Payment Page. Your business accepts payments online without needing an SSL certificate or to go through complicated integration and certification processes.

    The hosted payment page solution allows your business to have a shopping cart solution total up the payment amount and pass that total to a secure third-party payment page customized for your business. The hosted payment page for your ecommerce site now eliminates the need for sensitive credit card information to ever go through your webstore.

    When you sign up for a Hosted Payment Page through Kubera, you also receive a Virtual Terminal as part of our product bundle.

    Contact a payment expert at Kubera for help choosing the solutions that will best suit your ecommerce business.