[Infographic] Bit By Bit: The rise and use of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital peer-to-peer currency that allows payments to occur globally quickly and hassle free. To learn Bitcoin basics, see our post here.

How many Bitcoins are out there?

How many transactions occur daily?

Where are they being used?

What’s the biggest Bitcoin “heist” to date?

Accounting-degree.org has created an infographic that answers all of these great questions and details the rise and use of Bitcoin. Enjoy!

Bit By Bit

Source: Accounting-Degree.org

Many people are still unsure about this new currency, however Bitcoin usage has skyrocketed over the past year. Since their first release in 2009, value has gone through the ceiling. On their release date there were only 50 Bitcoin in circulation. There are over 11.3 million today.

Have you tried using Bitcoin? Tell us about your experience!



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