Canada’s Best Mobile Payments Solution: 

Beanstream SproutPOS

most advanced and cost-effective mobile payments solution and point of sales system for your small business.

Securely and seamlessly accept chip-and-pin credit and debit cards, as well as NFC transactions such as Apple Pay, wirelessly via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet!  Click here to sign up now or contact us at 1-855-458-2372 to learn more.


Preferential Pricing

Simple Online Sign-Up Process

Best Solution in the Marketplace 

Superior Service and Support

How Kubera’s solution compares to the competition:


*Note: For all basket rate pricing options, swiped and hand-keyed transactions cost more than EMV, as well as AMEX. Sprout’s pricing through Kubera is 2.75% + 15 cents per transaction for these types of transactions.

** For comparison, Square’s hand-keyed rates are 3.4% + 15 cents per transaction.