Lamassu launches its Bitcoin ATM for pre-order

Another Bitcoin ATM has entered the scene and is now open for pre-order (on their website). Lamassu, the Portuguese based Bitcoin company, plans to manufacture 15 Bitcoin machines to ship in September. Any pre-orders beyond the initial 15, will be shipped by the end of the year.  See the company’s pitch below:

Each device costs $5,000 and they have already booked $60,000-$75,000 in sales revenue for the initial production run. Like other Bitcoin ATM’s, the ATM accepts paper currency and there is no minimum limit for how much cash you would like to convert to Bitcoin. Additionally, this Bitcoin ATM only accepts cash, which apparently should make things easier for Lamassu.

Lamassu says its Machine can convert over 200 types of currency into Bitcoin in 15 seconds and it is compatible with major Bitcoin exchanges like Mt. Gox and Bitstamp. Even cooler, the machine is small enough to fit on your desk.

Given the nature of the Bitcoin industry, Lamassu encourages any purchasers of the machine to consult their attorney before operating one.

What do you think about Bitcoin ATMs? Is it going to help the currency take off?