Mobile Payments: The Google Wallet Card


Not only have mobile payments become one of the fastest-growing game-changers in the consumer market, we strongly believe that with enough time mobile will be the future in the payments industry.

The two largest and most successful forms of mobile payments to date are Apple’s Mobile-Pay, and of course, the Google Wallet.

The harsh reality is, mobile payments/wallet’s have taken a slow adoption. Due to the lack of infrastructure it probably wont be for a few years before we can get rid of plastic all together.

This is why Google has introduced the Google Wallet Card. It may seem a bit regressive, but someone holding the Google Wallet Card could use it as a hybrid to eliminate carrying multiple cards (both credit and debit) in their wallet and use their phone where possible.


How it works:

Users can add credit and debit cards to their Google Wallet App and use any of these to make purchases with the actual Google Wallet Card. Using the app they will be able to select which card they wish to use and switch between cards at their convenience.


Other Features:

The card can be ordered through the Google Wallet App and sent to your address.

In the event that you lose the Google Wallet Card, all you have to do is cancel the card you lost in the Google Wallet App. There is no need to cancel every card you own.

There are rumors of a “Wallet Balance” feature, transit feature, and user to user money transfer.

What do you think the next steps will be with mobile payments?

Via Android Police

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