Ready to develop your tech skills?

Are you interested in leaning something new? Or maybe taking an evening course to brush up your skills?

RED Academy – Vancouver’s first fully tech-focused school is launching their summer and evening courses in July.

RED Academy, founded and operated by a team of local tech professionals who offer a unique style of learning that is focused on real life training and experiences.

Vancouver’s tech industry has been growing rapidly and at the moment there are many vacant high paying tech jobs with not enough skilled labour to fill these positions.

With Microsoft, Amazon, Hootsuite and many other companies joining the tech scene, Colin Mansell, Managing Director of RED Academy suggests, “by 2019, there will be more than 15,000 tech jobs that need to be filled, and that’s just in Vancouver”.

While traditional education is not keeping up with the demand for these tech jobs, RED Academy aims create an environment that will satisfy this demand by producing highly employable technologists for the real world.

“There’s an incredible demand for skilled professionals, yet there are very few resources for people to receive in-depth education.” – Mansell

RED Academy focuses on three key areas: programing, digital design and digital marketing.

Their evening and weekend courses start July 15 are introductory programs designed for beginners and working professions who are seeking to brush up their skills. What you’ll find is user experience design, digital marketing, web development, and ecommerce related courses.

In an interview with Global News, Colin Mansell suggests that 30% of everything that you will learn in technology becomes obsolete within a year. Thankfully RED Academy has you covered. These 5-week evening and weekend courses will get you up to date with the current tech trends and best practices.

Not sure if tech is the right career path for you? No problem! There are several free courses to check out on their website starting July 6th.

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