At Kubera we take a holistic approach to payment processing.

As a consultancy, we work on your behalf to find you the best possible underwriting options, pricing, software and hardware to fit your unique requirements.

Merchant Services

Looking for something better?

We provide you with a custom pricing analysis that will show in concrete details the types of reductions in cost you would see by working with our organization.

We are committed to your success and focus on building long lasting relationships with our clients. Once you start working with us, you will experience our gold standard customer service that differentiates us from our competitors. For example, in the event of a chargeback we work on our client’s behalf to provide the necessary information and documentation to the card issuing bank to help them successfully dispute the chargeback.

Point of Sale

From fully integrated custom solutions to standalone payment terminals we offer the latest technology available to best fit your unique business needs.

Over The Phone & On the Go

We can help you accept credit card transactions over the phone or on the go with a virtual terminal.


We are experts in eCommerce and go the extra mile to provide your business with the right tools to process payments online at the best price.

International processing

We provide top tier solutions for businesses across Canada, the United States and Europe in multiple currencies. Whether your business is new, old, high or low risk, we will work with you

Hassle Free Processing/New To Payments?

We create custom tailored solutions that fit your unique needs rather than a one size fits all solution from the big banks. We deal with the banks so you don’t need to.


Easily Accept Payments Online

To process payments online, businesses want a secure gateway that fits their unique needs. We analyze your company and offer the best possible gateway solution that will help your business grow to the next level. Our eCommerce solutions are fully PCI-DSS compliant, and provide acceptance of all major credit cards, recurring billing, hosted checkout, reporting solutions and more. Included with our gateways, we offer optional virtual terminals so that you can accept purchases anywhere at any time on your mobile device or computer. We understand technology so you don’t have to.

We work with you and provide the appropriate Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) necessary so you can accept payments online as quickly and easily as possible. Our APIs will allow you to integrate our recommended payment gateways without difficulty and speed up development.

PCI Compliance

We offer fully PCI compliant solutions. Our on staff Certified Information Systems Auditors are readily available to help you manage your payments security compliance.

Credit Card Acceptance

We provide gateways that accept all major credit cards.

Hosted Checkout& Virtual Terminal

Accept payments virtually anywhere, at home, in the office, or on the go.

Recurring Billing

Make it easy for your customers to make purchases. Increase efficiency and workflow convenience with recurring payments.

Our recommended payment solutions are available in both Canada and the US

Industry Specific

We Understand Your Business

Our team is technically affluent, highly educated, and well rounded in payments. From industry leading corporations to your local coffee shop, we work with thousands of merchants to provide them with an industry specific solution that is right for their business.

The Tourism Sector


Mountains & Ski Resorts

Medical & Pharmacy

Mid-High Risk eCommerce

Health & Fitness


Dental Services




PCI Compliance

Don’t Get Caught By Credit Card Fraud

“Security is a duty. Companies should remember that they are being trusted by consumers with their sensitive data. The abuse of that data can be very damaging to your customers.Therefore, one of your greatest corporate responsibilities is to protect your customer’s data.” – Forrester Research

Are you concerned about data security risks?

Learn how to eliminate fraud and become a PCI Compliant organization by contacting Kubera’s team of data security experts. Merchants are at the center of payment card transactions. As a result, it is essential that they implement Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and technology to ensure cardholder data is safe.

If a company is not PCI DSS compliant, they are putting themselves and their customers at risk. These risks include financial and operation consequences that not only disrupt business but can also destroy reputation.

Learn how to ensure your business is safe from credit card fraud by working with our certified information systems auditors. We help businesses achieve compliance and manage sensitive data.

Capital Services

Need to increase your cashflow?

Use our Merchant Advance program and receive funds within 7 business days.

What is a Merchant Advance?

A Merchant Advance is a purchase of your future processing sales for a discount today. We take a percentage of your future sales until the cash advance is paid back. Our goal is to be a part of your success, we get paid back as fast as you grow.

Payments Are Flexible

There are no fixed payments, we get paid back by a % of your processing sales.

It’s Fast

We are able to fund clients within 7 days of receiving an application.

It’s Simple

Our system is fully automated so you never have to worry about writing a cheque.

Hassle Free

You do not need collateral to qualify, we do not analyze the value of your assets.

We believe in offering a cost effective service that makes financial sense. To learn more about our program call us now or fill out the below form and we will contact you within 24 hours.

How can I use the funds?

You may use the funds in whatever way you choose, to buy inventory, renovations, acquisitions, hire more staff, advertising and marketing…etc. The choice is yours!