Increase Revenues With Faster Payments Using Contactless Technology

MasterCard: PayPass

MasterCard began testing for its new feature, MasterCard PayPass in 2003 and now it is a commonly used feature for consumers who prefer speed and convenience as they complete transactions at point of sale checkouts.

PayPass allows consumers to make purchases without having to swipe the magnetic strip, insert the card chip and in most cases, no signature is necessary. Conveniently the technology is also being adopted for mobile devices.

It makes checkouts a lot easier and faster.  “All you have to do is Tap & Go”


Visa: PayWave

Just Like MasterCard’s Paypass, Visa’s equivalent PayWave also drastically decreases checkout times.  No swiping is necessary and no need to fumble with change.

How it works:

  1. A transaction begins when a customer holds their credit card less than 2-4 inches away from the merchant’s Contactless POS terminal.
  2. Account and Security information is sent wirelessly from the Contactless card to the POS terminal.
  3. The terminal sends the transaction information over the payment processing network.
  4. The issuer authorizes the transaction.
  5. The customer receives payment confirmation.

How do you know if you have a Contactless credit card?

Look for the Mastercard Paypass and Visa PayWave logos on the top right hand side of your new credit card.  All new cards issued in Canada have Contactless technology.

How do I use my Contactless Credit Card?

  1. Look for the PayPass/PayWave logo’s on the merchant’s terminal.
  2. Ask the merchant to pay with credit.
  3. Hold/Tap your card on the top of the terminal.
  4. The terminal will light up and say “Approved”.
  5. Take your receipt and go!


Where are Contactless Terminals are most efficiently used?

Coffee shops, grocery stores, and retail locations are great places to have Contactless Terminals. Any establishment that has high volumes of customers coming in and out of their store could improve checkout times with a Contactless Terminal.

Let’s consider a coffee shop in Downtown Vancouver’s business centre.  Every morning there are working professionals, tourists and shoppers who need to fulfill their coffee fix.  Whether it’s getting to work on time, getting to the next tourist destination or finding that new pair of shoes; consumers want convenience rather than wasting valuable minutes in line because of slow checkouts.

With Contactless Terminals and more companies adapting to changes in technology, customers save time at checkouts and leave satisfied, ready to carry on with their day.  Not only will Contactless Terminals help satisfy customers needs, they can help businesses become more efficient. Barrista’s can spend less much time at the register and spend more time focusing on coffee.


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