What are MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave?

MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave provide a “contactless” way to pay. It’s great for small purchases and moves you quickly through the checkout process at participating merchants. A simple tap of your card on the RFID card reader is all it takes to pay.

To ensure that using contactless payments are simple and convenient, retailers that accept this type of payment do not require you to sign for small purchases. For your protection, purchases over a certain price limit will require a signature.

A faster way to checkout

Visa payWave cards have an embedded RFID antenna and microchip, enabling contactless communication with a reader at the checkout. No swiping, inserting, signature or PIN is required for small purchases. Just tap your card on the card reader and you are done. The purchase will then be authorized, processed and billed in the same secure way as your other transactions.


PayPass and payWave transactions are sent through the same secure network used for all your transactions. Another security benefit is that your card never leaves your hand, decreasing the risk of fraudulent activity.

Where to Shop

To see a list of participating merchants in your area, refer to the MasterCard PayPass and Visa payWave retailer search. Look for these symbols:

Benefits to Merchants

Merchants must request the ability to accept contactless payments through MasterCard or Visa. Visa outlines the benefits of this technology for your business:

  • Greater speed and convenience
  • Cost savings
  • Higher average ticket size
  • Enhanced security

Visa offers more information to merchants considering accepting contactless payments in their Quick Reference pdf. Contactless payments can speed up everyday transactions, benefitting both customers and merchants. For more information about security, read this article from MasterCard about “Dispelling the Myths: The Reality about Contactless Security.”

Payment technology is constantly changing, to ensure your business takes advantage of the best technology available to your business, contact Kubera today.